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Drama Reviews: Another Miss Oh




When it aired in 2016, Another Miss Oh was a big hit that led to TvN giving it a 2 episode extension due to its popularity. It is one of my personal favourite k-dramas as well.

Review / Rating

What I loved about this drama is the *sizzling* chemistry between our leads. Both Eric Mun and Seo Hyun Jin have a history of stellar chemistry with their leads, and they really knock it out of the park in Another Miss Oh. Seo Hyun Jin, in particular, did an amazing job at portraying of a proud woman who maintains the facade of having dumped her fiance and pretends to not let the gossip bother her, while masking her insecurity. The supporting characters are also fascinating, such as the pretty Oh Hae Young (portrayed by Jeon Hye Bin), who seems to have it all but is in fact envious of our female lead for her loving family. I thought that Park Do Kyun’s visions were a bit odd at first, but I think it is meant to symbolize that our fate is in our own hands and that we should grasp true love. The OST is also absolutely amazing. Even years after watching the drama, you get transported back instantly with the OST.

Another Miss Oh is a solid drama with all around good storytelling and sizzling chemistry that made this girl blush. No peck on the lips, Park Do Kyung and Oh Hae Young really know how to KISS. Solid 9/10 from me on this one.

Plot Summary

Another Miss Oh stars Seo Hyun Jin and Eric Mun and tells the story of Park Do-kyung, a sound director, who was left at the altar by the beautiful Oh Hae Young. One day, he hears about an Oh Hae Young, who graduated from the same high school as his ex-fiancee, who is about to marry a successful young entrepreneur. Angry that she found love so quickly while he was still hung up on her, he begins to plot a revenge to sabotage the life of the girl that left him broken hearted, only to find out that the Oh Hae Young whose life he ruined was in fact just a stranger. Park Do Kyung also begins to experience visions of a girl who looks awfully a lot like this new Oh Hae Young.

The “ordinary” looking Oh Hae Young is dumped by her picture perfect fiance. Unbeknownst to her, he only does so because he is on the brink of bankruptcy and jail due to, what appears to be, Park Do Kyung’s involvement. She holds a strong front though everyone around her, including her family, fails to understand why she would leave her fiance. Her mother kicks her out of home, and she coincidentally moves in Park Do Kyung’s home. As the two begin to develop feelings for one another, Park Do Kyung feels increasingly anxious and guilty at his role in destroying Oh Hae Young’s life. Meanwhile, the beautiful Oh Hae Young from Park Do Kyung’s life makes a comeback, driving a further wedge between our leads.

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