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Road Home | Drama Recap & Review

Road Home (归路) stars Tang Songyun as Gui Xiao and Jing Boran as Lu Chen. The drama tells the story of first loves and high school sweethearts who reunite 11 years later. Road Home has 30 episodes and is streamed through iQiyi. See below for a summary, character introduction, and my review of the drama.


There is a lot to love in this drama. I was first drawn to leads actors with Tang Songyun and Jing Boran both being actors I really love. Tang Songyun,, especially, has always been a treat to watch. It’s crazy to see her effortlessness in playing a high school student at 32. It is also refreshing to finally see an actor not portray stoic characters as expressionless (ahem you know who I mean). Female directors have a way of filming those little moments of giddiness in a relationship that resonates especially with the female audience. For example, the “do you still love me” from Lu Chen was *swoooon*. Jing Boran and Tang Songyun have superb chemistry together, and really sell those little moments in a relationship that grasp your heart. Shippers are in a treat with the large amount of kiss scenes and romance in this ‘adult’ relationship.

In terms of negatives, I found myself fast-forwarding through their respective professional scenes. I can’t speak for SWAT teams but it feels like to me that the focus is on Lu Chen’s job. Characters emphasize on Gui Xiao’s success in her career, but she does very little ‘working’ compared to Lu Chen. It seems to me she spent more time waiting for Lu Chen, which makes it difficult for me to get behind her strong independent persona. Jing Boran is just a tad bit skinny in my opinion to play the role of a SWAT officer but I chalk that up to personal taste rather than a true negative.

Weighting both sides, I would rate this drama a solid 8.0/10. Maybe not something I would re-watch in its entirety, but I found myself re-watching the romantic scenes and grinning like an idiot.

*Spoilers below*


It’s love at first sight for Lu Chen and Gui Xiao on that fateful day on their high school track. However, not long after the start of their relationship, Lu Chen enrols in a police academy out of state. Thus begins their arduous long distance relationship, that is further hindered by their own inexperience in relationships. Gui Xiao’s usual sunny disposition is down due to dealing with her father’s unfaithfulness and her parents’ divorce. Yet when she needed Lu Chen the most, he was facing his own gruesome trainings at the police academy and complicated family dynamics.

11 years later, neither has moved on from their first loves. Gui Xiao finds herself in Lu Chen’s city and needing his help after her car gets stolen. It is evident to those around them that they still long for each other, and with the help of their friends, they find their way to each other once more. More mature than before, Gui Xiao and Lu Chen’s bond is stronger than ever before. However, bbstacles still stand in their way, namely Lu Chen’s abusive father who forces him to marry another to repay his debt and Gui Xiao’s father’s disapproval due to their differences in social status. Then, there is the issue of Lu Chen’s dangerous job as a member of the SWAT team and their respective busy schedules. Will they be able to stay together this time around?

Lu Chen/ Lu Yan Chen (Jing bo ran)

A captain of the SWAT team with a killer body and a heroic heart unfazed by danger. He appears strict and a man of few words, but is a caring captain, who regards his reports as his brothers. Lu Chen is fiercely loyal in love and has never moved on from Gui Xiao, staying single all these years. Lu Chen puts all his focus in his career in order to forget Gui Xiao. He has a strained relationship with his father who disapproves of his choice in becoming a policeman like his step-father.

Gui Xiao (seven tang songyun)

A former straight-A student and now a successful investment manager with a high EQ. Gui Xiao’s relationship made such a lasting impression on her that she has never fallen in love with anyone again. Before meeting Lu Chen again, she had resolved to a life of celibacy, and much like Lu Chen, dedicated herself to her schooling and career.

Qin Mingyu (Li mincheng)

SWAT captain and Lu Chen’s friend and co-worker. A sincere man who lacks relationship experience. He met his ex-wife in a blind date and had a child in a loveless marriage. A struggling single father, he sends his son to Beijing with Gui Xiao in order for him to have a better education.

Meng Xiaoshan (baby zhang bojia)

A strong-willed hotel owner-manager who was good friends with both Gui Xiao and Lu Chen during their high school days. She was in a relationship with Dong Hai but ended their relationship over his endless flirting with other women. She eventually married another man. Unlike Gui Xiao and Lu Chen, Meng Xiaoshan is the example of the fruitlessness of first loves. While supportive of her friends, she is also worried that Gui Xiao will unable to deal with Lu Chen’s complicated family.

Qin Xiaonan (zhang enshuo)

Qin Mingyu’s son who is mature beyond his years. Polite and thoughtful, he earns the affection both both Lu Chen and Gui Xiao. They take care of him while he is enrolled in school in Beijing on behalf of their dad. Qin Xiaonan becomes an indispensable cupid in helping Gui Xiao and Lu Chen getting back together.

*Spoilers end*


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