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Joy of Life 2 Announces Launch



After 3 years in the waiting, Joy of Life 2 (庆余年2)has finally made an official announcement on launch after much anticipation from fans. The official Weibo account has announced that they will start filming ‘soon’. Since its airing at the end of 2019, Joy of Life has been well received by critics and fans alike, earning a 7.9 on Douban. As it has been quite a while since the airing of the first season, not all the leads would be making their way back to season 2.

Fortunately, rumours have it that Zhang Ruoyun is to return as the quirky Fan Xian. Wu Gang and Tian Yu playing Chen Pingping and Wang Qinian are also set to return. Comedian Guo Qilin is also and actress Song Yi are also rumoured to return as the Fan Xian’s siblings.

Unfortunately, Chen Daomin, playing Emperor Qing, and Li Xiaoran, playing elder princess Li Yunrui, have already stated that they will not be part of the season 2 cast. Rumours have that names such as Mickey He Shengming and Liu Yijun in the mix. For elder princess Li Yunrui, Tong Liya’s name has been put forward.



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    Omg I’m so excited for this!

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