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Love Heals ends in disappointment and cliche



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Love Heals / Having a Crush on You (听说你喜欢我), starring Peng Guanying and Wang Churan has concluded its run recently. This medical romance drama had initially piqued my interest due to both of the leads being very easy on the eyes… You can’t blame a girl for liking eye candy…

The drama tells the story of a young medical student, Ruan Liuzhen, who falls in love with her older PhD TA, Ning Zhiqian. They end up in a blitz marriage and ensuing blitz divorce that leaves her broken hearted. The story focuses on their meeting again 6 years later as he tries to win her over again after realizing that he should not have let her go 6 years before.

Ugh it makes me so angry because this drama had the potential to be so much better. Yes the setting is a bit cliche but a cliche done well has the potential to draw you in. The director clearly knew what the audience liked with some very romantic scenes between the leads and a few changes from the original book that had me nodding my head at first.

For example, in the novel, the ex-girlfriend Dong Miaomiao was actually the male lead’s half sister as a result of his father’s affair. Umm yeah. While I am glad that some odd settings were changed, the ending had me scratching my head. I was okay to turn a blind eye to the somewhat unrealistic portrayal of the medical field, I was okay to ignore bugs in the storyline such as the whole marriage thing feeling forced and how no one in the hospital knew they were married even though she came to deliver his lunch everyday. Heck I’m okay with some old school cliches of the noble idiot as long as you give me some sweet romance. But no, you really had to end the entire drama with a memory loss, which is making me feel like I wasted my time.

I hope Peng Guanying and Wang Churan can work on another project together because I found them so cute together. I was pleasantly surprised by Wang Churan’s portrayal of a head strong doctor since I had only seen her in period dramas before. Her performance is making me anticipate her upcoming drama with Yang Yang called Fireworks of My Heart (我的人间烟火). I’m also glad that Wang Churan is getting some more attention because she is one of the prettiest actresses whose acting has been steadily improving with every new project.


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